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Religious DVDs in English

Discover our catalog of religious and Catholic DVDs in English produced by CTV Centro Televisivo Vaticano (Vatican Television Center) and the best Catholic production companies. Best web price & delivery worldwide. 4ott22

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DVD Format: PAL Pope Francis: A man who is changing the world - DVD
Picture/Formato immagine: 16:9
Time/Durata: 40 mins.
Sound/Suono: Stereo
Editore: MSS Media Strategy Syndicate sp.
€7.20 €12.00
Vatican officials, historians and experts in art and Church history discuss the "Da Vinci phenomenon" and whether and how it has changed the perceptions of the Catholic Church.
Rome, 1959. Cardinals elect a 76 years old Pope, hoping for an uneventful pontificate without surprises. But John XXIII surprised everyone.
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