Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy


What is the cookies policy?

The cookies policy explains how and third parties authorized by use cookies when you interact with or the services offered through the Site. Please note that this cookies policy is part of our Privacy Policy and should be read in addition to it. Our Privacy Policy explains what we do (and do not do) with the information, including any personal information we may collect from you. Please read both.


What are cookies?

Cookies are unique identifiers, generally composed of small strings of text or code. As a rule, cookies are stored on your device or in your browser, and specific information is sent to the party that sent the cookie. When we talk about cookies, we refer, in reality, to a broader range of technologies rather than only to cookies, including web beacons, clear gifs, pixels, and other similar technologies. When we talk about property cookies, we mean cookies sent from When we talk about third-party cookies, we mean those transmitted by third parties unrelated to


How are cookies used?

Cookies are used to better understand how applications and websites work and to optimize the online experience. The part that transmits the cookies can analyze a website's performance or a mobile app, identify certain users anonymously and remember their preferences, better understand if a computer or a device has visited a website, and provide personalized advertising.


What types of cookies are used by mainly uses the following four types of cookies:


1. Cookies operationally necessary

These cookies are essential to the proper functioning of our Site. They will allow you to navigate and use our Site. If you turn off these cookies, will not function properly.

2. Performance cookies

These cookies collect information about how visitors use and monitor site performance. For example, performance cookies outline what pages are popular, monitor site traffic, and anonymously compile analytical information. can also use Performance cookies to identify and fix operational problems with the Site.

3. Functional cookies

These cookies recognize and remember your preferences. For example, functional cookies may use information, such as your location, to ensure you access a version of our Site specific to your city or region.

4. Advertising cookies

We might authorize third parties to provide personalized advertising content on our website and on other websites and third-party applications. These third parties use cookies to understand your interest regarding advertising and content and offer more targeted advertising based on your activities on our website. For example, third-party cookies may record whether you have clicked certain content or advertisements on our website or other websites or inserted an article in your cart on

We have no control or access to third-party advertising cookies (i.e., Google) or related information. Third parties handle all the information they collect through cookies per their privacy policies.

You can disable third-party custom advertising cookies (though keep in mind that you will still receive online advertising, e.g., from Google).

For more information or to turn off the use of such customized advertising cookies of third parties in the E.U., visit If you are a resident of the United States, visit


How else can I avoid cookies?

You can avoid certain cookies by configuring your browser settings or turning off the part that directly manages and controls cookies. Check your browser's settings for more detailed information.


Do emails contain cookies?

Newsletters we send by email contain cookies that monitor if you have opened your email and clicked on a link. Cookies used in our emails to monitor those behaviors are unique to each email. They are not stored on your computer or mobile device.