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    Comet cm 10 (3,9 inch) Arabic style Nativity Sets small handcrafted wooden Figurines & Scenes Ortisei Val Gardena

    With its 40 small sized statues and figurines, the handcrafted Arabic style Nativity Scene Comet cm 10 (3,9 inch), hand carved in wood, is a complete collection of original pieces for home indoor decorations. The Nativity Sets’ classic characters, the artistic backgrounds with stables and barns, the ornaments and accessories are handmade statuettes of great beauty. The small figures are carved in maple wood, painted entirely by hand with oil paint in such a way that the wood gran is preserved and lastly gilded with gold leaves by the master craftsmen from Ortisei Val Gardena. Complete collectible Nativity Scene Arabic style cheap wooden figurines for indoor decor, with an excellent quality/price ratio. 100% Made in Italy.

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    Picture of Set Holy Family - 4 pieces (Comet Nativity cm10 - FAM)
    Picture of Nativity Set - 33 pieces (Comet Nativity cm10 - SE2)
    Picture of Nativity Set - 7 pieces (Comet Nativity cm10 - SE1)
    Picture of St. Mary (Comet Nativity cm10 - 002)
    Picture of Infant Jesus (Comet Nativity cm10 - 003)
    Picture of St. Joseph (Comet Nativity cm10 - 001)
    Picture of Cradle (Comet Nativity cm10 - 004)
    Picture of Donkey (Comet Nativity cm10 - 006)
    Picture of Ox (Comet Nativity cm10 - 005)
    Picture of King kneeling (Comet Nativity cm10 - 008)
    Picture of King Moor (Comet Nativity cm10 - 010)
    Picture of King White (Comet Nativity cm10 - 009)
    Picture of Glory Angel (Comet Nativity cm10 - 007)
    Picture of Comet star (Comet Nativity cm10 - 100)
    Picture of Comet stable (Comet Nativity cm10 - KLN)
    Picture of Comet stable with extension (Comet Nativity cm10 - GRO)
    Picture of Elephant group with juwelssaddle (Comet Nativity cm10 - ELS)
    Picture of Extension to Comet stable (Comet Nativity cm10 - ERW)
    Picture of Fire (Comet Nativity cm10 - 017)
    Picture of Group of herders at the fireplace (Comet Nativity cm10 - FEU)
    Picture of He-Goat (Comet Nativity cm10 - 137)
    Picture of Herder boy (Comet Nativity cm10 - 014)
    Picture of Herder with crook (Comet Nativity cm10 - 011)
    Picture of Herder with sheep on shoulders (Comet Nativity cm10 - 022)
    Picture of Herder woman (Comet Nativity cm10 - 013)
    Picture of Juwelssaddle for standing elephant (Comet Nativity cm10 - 025)
    Picture of Kneeling herder with lamb (Comet Nativity cm10 - 023)
    Picture of Kneeling lamb (Comet Nativity cm10 - 135)
    Picture of Lying camel (Comet Nativity cm10 - 021)
    Picture of Lying herder with bamboo-pipe (Comet Nativity cm10 - 016)
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