Horses 2025 Calendars

Discover our catalog of weekly, monthly and daily horses 2025 calendars: desktop and desk horses calendars, wall hanging horses calendars, magnetic horses calendars for fridge 2025, available in five languages. Best web price & delivery worldwide. Made in Italy.

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Calendario da muro 2025 Cavalli cm 31x33

Calendario da muro 2025 Cavalli cm 31x33
Calendario da parete grande con 17 Fotografie a colori.
Dimensioni: cm 31x33
16 mesi (novembre/dicembre 2023, gennaio/dicembre 2024, gennaio/febbraio 2025)
Festività internazionali
Mesi e giorni in italiano, inglese, francese, spagnolo, tedesco, russo
Rilegatura a spirale con gancio da muro.
€10.00 Starting at €9.00

Horses 2025 wall Calendar cm 31x33 (12,2x13 in)

Horses 2025 wall Calendar
Monthly wall calendar. 17 Color images.
Dimensions: cm 31x33 (12,20x13 inches)
16 months (November/December 2024, January/December 2025, January/February 2026).
International holidays
Months and days of the week in English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian.
Spiral binding.
€10.00 Starting at €9.00

Caballos Calendario de pared 2025 cm 31x33 (12,2x13 in)

Caballos Calendario de pared 2025
Calendario mensual de pared. 17 imágenes en color.
Dimensiones: cm 31x33
16 meses (noviembre/diciembre 2023, enero/diciembre 2024, enero/febrero 2025).
Días festivos internacionales
Meses y días de la semana en inglés, italiano, alemán, francés, español y ruso.
Encuadernación en espiral.
€10.00 Starting at €9.00

Pferdekalender 2025 cm 31x33

Pferdekalender 2025
Monatlicher Wandkalender. 17 Farbbilder.
Abmessungen: cm 31x33
16 Monate (November/Dezember 2023, Januar/Dezember 2024, Januar/Februar 2025).
Internationale Feiertage
Monate und Wochentage in Englisch, Italienisch, Deutsch, Französisch, Spanisch, Russisch.
€10.00 Starting at €9.00

Chevaux Calendrier mural 2025 cm 31x33

Chevaux Calendrier mural 2025
Calendrier mural mensuel. 17 images en couleur.
Dimensions : cm 31x33
16 mois (novembre/décembre 2024, janvier/décembre 2025, janvier/février 2026).
Jours fériés internationaux
Mois et jours de la semaine en anglais, italien, allemand, français, espagnol, russe.
Reliure spirale.
€10.00 Starting at €9.00

Cavalli Calendario magnetico 2025 cm 8x8

Calendario magnetico cm 8x8
Mesi in italiano, inglese
Fotografie a colori.
€2.00 Starting at €1.80

Horses 2025 magnetic calendar cm 8x8 (3,1x3,1 in)

Tear-off calendar magnet.
Months in Italian, and English.
Colour images.
€2.00 Starting at €1.80