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    Bibliorum Sacrorum Nova Vulgata - Editio Typica Minor

    Bibliorum Sacrorum Nova Vulgata - Editio Typica Minor
    Autore/i: Pontificia Commissio pro Nova Vulgata Bibliorum
    Editore: LEV Libreria Editrice Vaticana
    Codice (SKU): 9788820921634
    Rated 5/5 based on 25 customer reviews
    Il tuo Prezzo: €54,00
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    L'Editio Minor è la versione più richiesta della Bibbia in latino per la sua maggiore praticità d'uso e per l'alta qualità di stampa e di edizione.
    Le dimensioni dell'Editio Minor sono cm 16 x 21 x 6 (dorso).
    Copertina rigida e stampa di copertina a lettere d'oro.

    The Editio Minor is hardcover; its cover and spine are gold-lettered, and it still makes an impressive text, but it is small enough to fit on an ordinary bookshelf.

    cm 16 x 21 x 6 spine ( inches 6,29 x 8,26 x 2,36  spine).

    La Editio Minor es la versión de la Biblia en latino más vendida por su facilidad en el uso, y por la alta calidad de imprenta y de edición.
    El tamaño de la Editio Minor es cm 16 x 21 x 6 (lomo).
    Libro de tapa dura y letras de oro.

    Specifiche di prodotto
    ArgomentiSacra Scrittura
    AutorePontificia Commissio pro Nova Vulgata editione
    Lingua prodottoLatinum
    N. Pagine1856
    Anno di pubblicazione1998
    5.0 5
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    John Adams | 15/09/2016 09:34
    Nova Vulgata
    I bought the Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Latine second hand some years ago, and have always wanted to own a complete Bible in Latin. I have a rudimentary knowledge of Ecclesiastical Latin, but having a BD and knowledge of NT Greek/English translations; I can follow the text reasonably well. I read the daily Scripture readings for Mass in English, then in Latin. I am very pleased with this purchase. I first checked Amazon (u.k & u.s.a.), and offers for second hand copies, but vaticanum offer the best price. Postage was reasonable and I received it within the delivery time here in England. If you wish to have a copy of the Church's official Latin text of Scripture, I highly recommend this edition from vaticanum.
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    Daniel Bandstra | 27/11/2016 17:22
    A Nice Neo-Vulgate to Read
    This is a nicely printed book. I appreciate, for the purposes of reading, that prose passages are punctuated and printed in paragraphs rather than per cola et commata. Shipping was prompt: I received my book in the American mid-west within the advertised time.
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    Brandon Schneider | 03/05/2017 19:15
    Nova Vulgata
    Nice text of the Nova Vulgata - good printing and solid binding.   I appreciate the readable font size and the punctuation.  Great price and fast shipping.  Downside - no ribbon in this edition.  Overall, very good edition in a readable format at a great price.
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    Peter Antensteiner | 02/11/2017 23:13
    Great Latin Bible, great service
    I had ordered the editio typica altera before, and it was a real pain. At that time I had to provide the money up front, go to my bank to get an international money order, pay more for the transaction than the book cost! Talk about pain. But this time, with the new setup all is a breeze. Great customer service, easy ordering, easy shipping,... what a change. Somebody did a great job here. The book of course is The Book, one need only read St. Pope JPIIs introduction of it to know this is the real deal. I like the size, the print, the chapter numbering. It is easy to read. I can only recommend it.
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    Aguinaldo Silveira e Silva | 25/03/2019 11:08
    yes, I liked very much the product
    Dear Sir,
    yes, I liked very much the product. The delivery service was very efficient and I received them in a short time after buying. The tracked parcel, as was the case, is very important in countries like Brazil, where the mail is not very reliable. This was the first time I acquired from Vaticanum and I feel confident that I can buy securely more products in the future.

    Yours Sincerely,
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