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John Paul II a Pontificate of images - BOOK

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Much has been written about John Paul II’s rich personality and extraordinary pastoral activity as the Successor of Peter. However, a “visual” work, a work which could speak about him and his intense apostolic dynamism, not in words, but by means of over 100 images concerning his lengthy Pontificate, which are more expressive and convincing than words, was missing.
The work in question is filling this gap. Its title, “John Paul II, a Pontificate of images”, is very indicative.

The two sections into which the work is divided summarize perfectly its precious contents, particularly the two fundamental characteristics of the Pontificate of the Pope “who came from afar”.

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Argomenti Biografie, Libri fotografici, Papa Giovanni Paolo II
Autore Giannini Frida
Lingua prodotto English
N. Pagine 96
Copertina Brossura
Anno di pubblicazione 2011
Dimensioni cm 18x25,5 (7,1x10 in)