Our Lady of Sorrows - Gold or silver plated Confraternity Medal AMC 394

Dimensions: cm 7x10,5 (2,7x4,1 in). Confraternity Medal, 24k gold or 1000/1000 silver plated gilded brass votive object. The Confraternity Medal is delivered in a cardboard gift box with a Certificate of Origin and Guarantee.
Catalogue: Arte Sacra
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Our Lady of Sorrows - Gold or silver plated Confraternity Medal AMC 394.

The holy objects by FSA Arte Sacra are widely known for their artistic uniqueness and highest craftsmanship. Design reproduces the ancient and rare holy objects of the centuries-old Italian tradition. Every piece is hand-made by using the traditional tecniques of fusion and chisel of the ancient Italian craftsmen. A layer of 24K pure gold  or of 1000/1000 pure silver is plated. A special thin transparent coating protects the items from wear and oxidation.

This high quality item is handcrafted and finished by hand and can therefore differ from the pictures in some detail.

Products specifications
Dimensions cm 7x10,5 (2,7x4,1 in)
Certificate Certificate of Guarantee and Authenticity
Material Brass
Origin Made in Italy
Packaging Cardboard box
Finishing 1000 / 1000 silver bath or 24k gold bath
Articles Confraternity Medals
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