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Cats 2023 Calendars

Discover our catalog of weekly, monthly and daily cats and kittens 2023 calendars: desktop and desk cats calendars, wall hanging cats calendars, magnetic cats calendars for fridge 2023, available in five languages. Best web price & delivery worldwide. Made in Italy.

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Calendario da muro 2023 Gatti cm 31x33
Calendario da parete grande con 17 Fotografie a colori.
Dimensioni: cm 31x33
16 mesi (novembre/dicembre 2022, gennaio/dicembre 2023, gennaio/febbraio 2024)
Festività internazionali
Mesi e giorni in italiano, inglese, francese, spagnolo, tedesco, russo
Rilegatura a spirale con gancio da muro.
Starting at €7.60
Cats 2023 wall Calendar
Monthly wall calendar. 17 Color images.
Dimensions: cm 31x33 (12,20x13 inches)
16 months (November/December 2022, January/December 2023, January/February 2024).
International holidays
Months and days of the week in English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian.
Spiral binding.
Starting at €7.60
Gatos Calendario de pared 2023
Calendario mensual de pared. 17 imágenes en color.
Dimensiones: cm 31x33
16 meses (noviembre/diciembre 2022, enero/diciembre 2023, enero/febrero 2024).
Días festivos internacionales
Meses y días de la semana en inglés, italiano, alemán, francés, español y ruso.
Encuadernación en espiral.
Starting at €7.60
Katzenkalender 2023
Monatlicher Wandkalender. 17 Farbbilder.
Abmessungen: cm 31x33
16 Monate (November/Dezember 2022, Januar/Dezember 2023, Januar/Februar 2024).
Internationale Feiertage
Monate und Wochentage in Englisch, Italienisch, Deutsch, Französisch, Spanisch, Russisch.
Starting at €7.60
Chats Calendrier mural 2023
Calendrier mural mensuel. 17 images en couleur.
Dimensions : cm 31x33
16 mois (novembre/décembre 2022, janvier/décembre 2023, janvier/février 2024).
Jours fériés internationaux
Mois et jours de la semaine en anglais, italien, allemand, français, espagnol, russe.
Reliure spirale.
Starting at €7.60
Monthly desktop and wall Calendar
Stands on any desk on its own and can be hung on the wall
Spiral bound at the top
Months and days of the week in English, and Italian.
Starting at €4.50
Calendario da tavolo e da muro cm 16,5x21
Mesi e giorni in italiano, inglese
Fotografie a colori
Rilegatura a spirale con gancio da parete e piedino da scrivania
Starting at €4.50
Tear-off calendar magnet.
Months in Italian, and English.
Colour images.
Starting at €1.80
Calendario magnetico cm 8x8
Mesi in italiano, inglese
Fotografie a colori.
Starting at €1.80
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