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    Maria Goretti A ray of light - DVD

    Codice (SKU): ates 23-2010
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    This docu-fiction traces the moving human story of Saint Maria Goretti, with reconstructions of the most important moments of her life and with the living voices of Assunta Goretti (the mother) and Alexander Serenelli (the murderer).
    The film has been shot in the places of her life: Corinaldo in the Marche, where she lived during childhood and Nettuno, near Rome, where she lived in her last days.
    Pope John Paul II said: "Her spiritual life, the strength of her faith, her ability to forgive her murderer have placed Maria Goretti among the best-loved saints of the 20th century. The devotion to her has continued to spread on every continent, giving rise to admiration and a thirst for God everywhere." (in the 100th anniversary of her death, 6 July 2002)
    To this "sweet, little martyr of purity" so many Churchs have been dedicated all over the world; Saint Maria Goretti's Sanctuary in Nettuno welcomes millions of pilgrims every year: why does Maria Goretti is the object of such a significant popular devotion throughout the world? What is the perceived importance of her example?
    The documentary answers to these questions, with the aid of personalities from the Ecclesiastic world and Historians.
    Interviews with  of Cardinal Ersilio Tonini, Cardinal Angelo Comastri, and historian  Giordano Bruno Guerri, author of a major biography of Santa Maria Goretti.
    **IMPORTANT: This DVD can be played on DVD players in PAL format
    and under all regions (REGION 1,2,3,4,5,6,8)**

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    ArgomentiSanti / Beati
    Lingua prodottoEnglish
    Lingua prodottoItaliano
    Packagingbox in plastica
    Regione DVDALL (region 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
    Formato video4:3
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