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The Holy Cities + Benedict XVI The keys of the Kingdom - 4 DVD

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The Holy Cities: Jerusalem, Rome, Assisi - 3 DVDs
The land of Christ, the See of Peter and, finally, the humble dwelling of Francis. These three places embody the values of Christian spirituality and provide the historical, artistic and cultural background for the HOLY CITIES series.
Jerusalem, Rome and Assisi represent three stages in a geographical and spiritual odyssey.

TU ES PETRUS Benedict XVI The Keys of the Kingdom - DVD
Tu es Petrus (You are Peter): in order to ensure the Church's continuity, John Paul II carefully pondered on the conclave of cardinals that would follow his death. His goal was to pass on to Peter's successor the "Keys of the Kingdom" [Matt 16:19].
This documentary follows the dramatic events of 2005: the worsening of Pope Wojtyla's illness, his last days, the funeral mass and the preparations for the conclave. It concludes with the joyful election of the new Pope Benedict XVI.

**IMPORTANT: These DVDs can be played on all DVD players (PAL, SECAM, NTSC) and under all regions (REGION 1,2,3,4,5,6,8)**

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Temas Asís, Ciudades Santas, Jerusalén, Papa Benedicto XVI, Papa Juan Pablo II, Peregrinaciones / Sanctuarios, Roma & Vaticano
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Packaging Digipack - Collector’s Edition
Sistema NTSC
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Formato vídeo 4:3
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