Life of Jesus Scenes Holy Bible stories for Nativity Sets and Scenes Baptism Flight into Egypt Marriage at Cana Last Supper Crucifixion Resurrection

Handmade and handpainted Life of Jesus Scenes, Holy Bible stories for Nativity Sets, complete collectible small and large handcrafted compositions for Nativity Scenes: Nativity of Jesus, Baptism of Jesus, Jesus with children, Arrival in Bethlehem, Flight into Egypt, Marriage at Cana, Last Supper, Crucifixion of Jesus, Resurrection of Jesus. These original pieces are made for our Nativity Sets by Fontanini and Ulrich and are available in 5 different sizes, from cm 10 (3,9 inch) to cm 50 (19,7 inch). They have represented Christmas in homes and public or sacred places such as churches, parishes, hospitals, monasteries, schools and religious establishments for over a century. Life of Jesus Scenes and Holy Bible stories for Nativity Sets made of wood, plastic and resin, with an excellent quality/price ratio. 100% Made in Italy.

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Flight into Egypt (Ulrich Nativity cm15 - 730000)


Harborage search (Ulrich Nativity cm15 - 720000)


St. Joseph standing (Ulrich Nativity cm15 - 720001)


St. Joseph standing (Ulrich Nativity cm15 - 730001)


St. Mary on donkey with infant Jesus (Ulrich Nativity cm15 - 730002)


St. Mary on donkey with parchment (Ulrich Nativity cm15 - 720002)


Harborage (Ulrich Nativity cm15 - 720004)


Harborage search with host and harborage (Ulrich Nativity cm15 - 719000)


Host with dog (Ulrich Nativity cm15 - 720003)


Annunciation group on pedestal (Ulrich Nativity cm15 - 710000)


Pedestal for Announciation group (Ulrich Nativity cm15 - 710005)


Book on console (Ulrich Nativity cm15 - 710003)


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