LD Production DVD catalogue - Ecology, Christian thought

The complete catalogue and all the latest products of LD Production, DVD about ecology linked to the Catholic way of thinking of love of one' s neighbour, available in two languages, Italian and German: DVD “I Papi e l’Alto Adige”, on the Holy Father's call for greater responsibility for the Safeguarding of Creation and the divulgation of a message of "ecological conversion”, DVD “L’uomo custode del Creato”, an effective tool for communicating the urgency of environmental issues, seen from a Christian perspective. Excellent quality/price ratio and 100% Made in Italy.

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Dem Himmel Nah. Südtirol und die Päpste - DVD

€16.00 €13.60

Der Mensch – Hüter der Schöpfung - DVD

€21.00 €17.85

L’ uomo custode del creato - DVD

€21.00 €17.85

Vicini al Cielo. L'Alto Adige ed i Papi - DVD

€16.00 €13.60