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    Church Liturgical Furnishing Religious objects Holy Mass accessories

    Wide selection of Church supplies and liturgical furnishings, religous objects and ecclesiastical accessories for church furniture. Economic Traditional items and handcrafted eucharistic objects: small and big Holy Water stoups, Altar Frames, Bapsitmal Fonts with modern design, Table lamps, Wall torches, hanging chandeliers, handmade table lecterns and altar bookstands, Monstrances, Lunettes, Sacramental Bread Vessels, Reliquaries and liturgical shrines, Ostensories and Lunas, table Candlesticks, votive Candelabras, easter candle holders and stands, altar sconces, religious Sculptures and nativity scene’s Statues, altar and wall Tabernacles, Stations of the Cross Boards and representations. High quality liturgical furnishings made and finished by hand from clay, bronze, ceramic, wood, brass, plexiglas, PVC, resin, terracotta, with an excellent quality/price ratio. Quality 100% Made in Italy.

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